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Audiovisual Library

The wealth of the content of the audiovisual archive that the MEO places at your disposal, is only matched by its variety. Our Audiovisual archive is updated on daily basis and covers many topics such as religious edicts, political speeches, different spotlights of Jihadist propaganda, and military operations. For example:

  • Video: Suicidal operation against an American military target, perpetrated by militants of Al Qaeda in Falluja , Iraq .

  • Voice recording of Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi in a long politico-religious speech, titled "Ayanqusou-l-Dinu Wa Ana Hay" ("The religion – Islam – Will it fall back while I am living?")

  • Video footage of shooting down an American fighter jet with a Stinger missile in Afghanistan.

  • Video of Ossama Bin Laden explaining "Hadith Bin Qa'ib".

  • Video Of Abu Qatada demonstrating the flaw in Sheikh Qaradawi Fatawas.

Email us for more information about our Audiovisual Library.

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