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Truth News Network: Osama Ben Laden Tape on revolutions and uprisings in the Arab world - May 11, 2011 - 11:23:52 PM

Truth News Network site declared that it will publish soon an audio tape of Osama Ben Laden commenting on the revolutions and uprisings in the Arab world. The site claims that the audio tape was recorded a week before Ben Laden death. In the tape, Ben Laden congratulates and gives advices and guidance to these revolutions.

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Al-Qaeda-General Command confirms Osama Ben Laden Death - May 6, 2011 - 8:46:51 AM

Osama Ben LadenAl-Qaeda General Command issued a 4 pages statement published on Jihadist sites on May 06, 2011 confirming Osama Ben Laden death. It is to note that the Press Release is dated May 03, 2011. Under the title: "You lived praised and died a martyr", al-Qaeda declared that on one of a historic day of the Islamic 'Umma nation, Osama ben Laden was killed. It congratulated the 'Umma for the martyrdom of her son Osama after a lifetime of diligent effort, determination, patience and incitement of jihad. The statement added that his life ended but his blood, words and soul will run in the veins of this generation and others that will follow. Al-Qaeda added that if the death of one man would stop the jihad, it would have stopped long time ago with the death of the Prophet Mohammed. This is why, al-Qaeda will continue on the path of Jihad, which Osama himself followed, and we will not deviate from it.
Al-Qaeda stressed that the blood of Ben Laden will not go in vain. His blood will become a curse chasing the Americans and their agents, inside and outside the United States. It added that the American will not enjoy peace until their people in Palestine do, we will continue to be the soldiers of Islam, we will continue as groups and individuals to plan and execute attacks.
The statement also warned the Americans of any inappropriate treatment to the corpse of Ben Laden or any of his family member and they should be handed over to their families to burry them. Otherwise the gates of hell will doubly open upon them.

Please contact us for the full statement and its translation

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Ansar al-jihad al-Alami issued an urgent alert to all Mujahedeen mobilize - May 3, 2011 - 1:00:52 PM

Abu Suleiman al-Naser from Ansar al-jihad al-Alami sent an urgent message on jihadist forums, to all jihadists around the globe to mobilize and prepare to wage jihad operations against the Zionist-crusader alliance.
Al-Naser added that he calls upon all jihadists to launch immediate and effective actions to prepare for "Ghazawat" against American and their allies in NATO interests around the world. He called on Muslims around the world and especially in the U.S. and Europe to contribute in these "Ghazawat".
Al-Naser asked all Muslims to stay away from institutions, embassies and all American and European places of interests around the world. The publication of a Press Release from the Mujahedeen confirming the death of Osama Ben Laden will be the trigger to start these attacks.

For a full copy of the post and its translation, please feel free to contact us.

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Zabihullah Mujahid: It is early to talk about Ben laden death without proofs - May 3, 2011 - 12:49:43 PM

Taliban FlagZabihullah Mujahed, spokesman for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan declared today (May 03, 2011) that the Americans didn't present any convincing evidence to prove that they have killed Osama Ben Laden and on the other hand sources close to him didn't confirm or deny the news and that is why it is early to speak it.

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Detained Tunisian cleric previously deported from Canada and France - Jan 28, 2011 - 10:09:00 AM

A history of derisive religious and political views and an international criminal past mark the Tunisian Muslim Cleric who snuck into the country from Mexico in early January.
The man, Said Jaziri, was found hiding in the trunk of a BMW by Border Patrol agents who were tipped off by state firefighters. The firefighters had watched Jaziri and another man, a Mexican national, climb into the truck just off of Tierra del Sol Road, near the intersection of Moon Valley Road. The men had climbed a border wall and hiked overnight to reach the pick-up site on Jan. 11.

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