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Since the Middle East Observatory was established, it is committed to precision in collecting, treating and disseminating information, analysis, consultancy and media monitoring. Around the world, we serve customers ranging from governments, education authorities, bankers, investors, financial institutions, to non-government organizations, etc.  

We have hands-on experience of serving a diverse range of customers with different goals, cultures, and ways of thinking and working. Our customer-focused approach means we’re not only sensitive to these important requirements, but we particularly understand their implications and tailor our service accordingly – for which we’ve earned a valued reputation.  

Currently, the MEO is presenting a long term seminar series on Political and Militant Islam to the Italian Interior Ministry. The seminars deal with several dimensions and aspects related to Islam: religion, history, culture, civilization, society, politics, governance, militancy, Jihad and martyrdom, fundamentalism. It is a three year Multidisciplinary program divided on 3 phases.

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