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Al-Qaeda-General Command confirms Osama Ben Laden Death
By Middle East Observatory
May 6, 2011 - 8:46:51 AM

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Al-Qaeda General Command issued a 4 pages statement published on Jihadist sites on May 06, 2011 confirming Osama Ben Laden death. It is to note that the Press Release is dated May 03, 2011. Under the title: "You lived priased and died a martyr", al-Qaeda declared that on one of a historic day of the Islamic 'Umma nation, Osama ben Laden was killed. It congratulated the 'Umma for the martyrdom of her son Osama after a lifetime of diligent effort, determination, patience and incitement of jihad. The statement added that his life ended but his blood, words and soul will run in the veins of this generation and others that will follow. Al-Qaeda added that if the death of one man would stop the jihad, it would have stopped long time ago with the death of the Prophet Mohammed. This is why, al-Qaeda will continue on the path of Jihad, which Osama himself followed, and we will not deviate from it.
Al-Qaeda stressed that the blood of Ben Laden will not go in vain. His blood will become a curse chasing the Americans and their agents, inside and outside the United States. It added that the American will not enjoy peace until their people in Palestine do, we will continue to be the soldiers of Islam, we will continue as groups and individuals to plan and execute attacks.
The statement also warned the Americans of any inappropriate treatment to the corpse of Ben Laden or any of his family member and they should be handed over to their families to burry them. Otherwise the gates of hell will doubly open upon them.

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