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  • Iraq: Sunni clerics set up a fatwa council to counter Al Qaeda. more news

  • Saudi Arabia: Saudis move to curb money laundering. more news
  • Netherlands: Mohammed B.'s views as extreme as ever. more news
  • Algeria: Head of Al Qaeda linked group threatens tourists in Maghreb. more news
  • Jihad: Al-Qaeda ideology gains ground. more news


  • Australia: It's OK to kill kids in battle: Sheik. more news

  • Gaza: "Army of Islam" claims responsibility for kidnapping BBC correspondent. more news
  • Hezbollah: builds a Western base. more news
  • U.S.: Army base plot 'confirms existence of white Al-Qaeda' Balkan experts say. more news
  • Algeria: North Africa Qaeda wing vows more suicide bombings. more news
  • U.K: Police arrest four over 7/7 attacks. more news


  • U.S.: Feds Foil Fort Dix Terror Plot. more news

  • Pakistan: Jihadis get intelligence support, say Pak clerics. more news
  • Jihad: Al Qaeda fanatics in bid to join MI5. more news
  • Report: Al Qaeda recruited from social networks, not mosques . more news
  • U.N.: Illegal arms regularly reach Hezbollah via Syrian border . more news
  • Pakistan: Militants Ban Music in Pakistan Region. more news


  • Iraq: Tribes claim leader of al Qaeda in Iraq killed. more news

  • England: Muslims' links with training camps make Britain a terrorist breeding ground. more news
  • Spain: Sleeper cells raising money for al-Qaida in North Africa. more news
  • Iran: students protest articles "insulting" Islam. more news
  • Terrorists escalate attacks during OIC visit? more news
  • England: British terrorists have global outlook. more news


  • Saudi Arabia: After Saudis’ First Steps, Efforts for Reform Stall. more news

  • Morocco: Casbalanca bombing mastermind is head of a Jihadist cell say police. more news
  • Pakistan: Court boost for 'extremist' group. more news
  • Pakistan: Jihadi media thrives in Pakistan. more news
  • Turkey: First Lady in a Headscarf ? more news
  • Afghanistan: Taliban video of boy executioner causes anger. more news


  • Al-Qaida: toying with radioactive weapons for mass-casualty attack against West. more news

  • England: Al-Qaeda ‘planning big British attack’. more news
  • Jihad: Al-Qaeda Group Targets France, Spain - Report. more news
  • Jihad: How a British jihadi saw the light. more news
  • U.S.: Make No Mistake: This Is War. more news
  • Australia: Islamic extremists 'fundraising for terrorists'. more news


  • Pakistan: terror suspect held over London bombings. more news

  • Iraq: Muslims Forcing Christian Assyrians in Baghdad Neighborhood to Pay 'Protection Tax'. more news
  • China: jails Uighur-Canadian "terrorist" for life. more news
  • Iran: Court exonerates six who killed in Islam's name. more news
  • England: Terror pair 'still public threat'. more news
  • Germany: minister sparks row over anti-terror measures. more news


  • Jihad: GIMF says Germans will be kidnapped. more news

  • Pakistan: Ulema convention opposes "Sharia by Force". more news
  • Turkey: 3 killed in attack on Christian publishing house. more news
  • Spain's North African enclaves on alert. more news
  • Afghanistan: Iranian-made weapons were found in Afghanistan. more news
  • Nigeria: Talibans Kill 13 Policemen in Kano. more news


  • Lebanon: Fatah Al-Islam: the new terrorist threat hanging over Lebanon. ore news

  • Yemen: Trial of 36 Yemenis charged with being affiliated with al-Qaida resumes. more news
  • Montreal: Men charged with crimes targeting city's Jewish community. more news
  • Philippines: 70,000 people flee as Muslim rebel declares Jihad in Sulu. more news
  • Algeria: Underground Islamist groups target Algerian armed forces. more news
  • Pakistan: Lal Masjid mullahs to stop liquor sale. more news


  • Jihad: Al-Qaida-linked group claims responsibility for Iraqi Parliament bombing. more news

  • Afghanistan: Iraqi beheadings and suicide attacks inspire Taliban. more news
  • Spain: Two alleged Al-Qaeda members 'flee from Morocco'. more news
  • Iran: U.S. Suspects That Iran Aids Both Sunni and Shiite Militias. more news
  • Jihad: Five Years After 9/11, Bin Laden's Network Is Back. more news
  • Jihad: 'Moderate' Islamic charities back terror. more news


  • Algeria: Al Qaeda group claims deadly bombs. more news

  • Morocco: 3rd explosion rocks Casablanca. more news
  • Lebanon: tries suspects in German bomb plot. more news
  • Jihad: Danish Muslim convicted of inciting terrorism. more news
  • Pakistan: cleric says mosque has guns, will defend itself. more news
  • EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2007 (Acrobat file). more news


  • Saudi Arabia kills wanted Qaeda-linked militant. more news

  • Iran: Interview with Grand Ayatollah Yousef Saanei. more news
  • Pakistan: Mosque in Pakistan capital to set up Islamic court. more news
  • Jihad: Is Al Qaeda's influence spreading to Morocco? more news
  • Germany: Prosecutors Probing Islamist Website On Terrorism: Report. more news  
  • Interpol: raises concern over internet use by terrorist groups. more news

  • Iran: "Jundallah" leader "I have nothing to do with America. more news

  • Pakistan: Blitz against Madrassa not imminent, interior minister. more news
  • Albania: Jordanian under investigation for alleged ties to suspected al-Qaida financier. more news
  • Iran: Extremism and Moderation in Qom. more news
  • Pakistan: Legal move to keep British airliner suspect in Pakistan. more news
  • England: Radical clerics to receive 'extremism Asbos'. more news


  • Egypt: Attorney Indicted for Supporting al-Qaeda. more news
  • U.K: Briton 'could stage another September 11. more news
  • Algeria: Three dead in alleged Al-Qaeda attack. more news
  • Australia: John Howard bans Islamic leader. more news
  • Italy: Prosecutors to probe Imam's alleged "Death to Christians" call. more news


  • Pakistan: Seminaries plan to launch "Islamic Revolution" on Friday. more news

  • Egypt: detains lawyer accused of financing Al Qaeda. more news
  • Canada: Defence report underlines terrorist threat to oil refineries. more news
  • Pakistan: Taliban-style vice squads spread fear. more news
  • Somalia: Mogadishu suicide bomber appears on web. more news
  • Iran: Nuclear Bomb Could Be Possible by 2009. more news


  • Pakistan: Qaeda Is Seen as Restoring Leadership. more news

  • Lebanon: Rise in radical Islam last straw for Lebanon's Christians. more news
  • England: Al-Qaeda train killers at terror camp here. more news  
  • England: Old Church Becomes Mosque in Uneasy Britain. more news  
  • Indonesia: Al-Qaeda-linked terror group trained in Indonesia: report. more news


  • Sweden: to extradite Moroccan terror suspect to Germany. more news

  • Spain: Al-Qaeda video threating Spanish troops ‘genuine’ . more news
  • Pakistan: Talibanisation of society: Madrassa students getting leniency. more news
  • Iran: Airs Footage of British Serviceman's 'Apology'. more news   
  • Pakistan: Pakistani Taliban blow up video shops. more news  
  • Guantanamo: Hicks Convicted of Terror Charge. more news

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