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Products : Risk & Threat Assessments Last Updated: Sep 22, 2011 - 9:27:48 AM

Risk and Threat assesments are an important aspect of business continuity plan development. It involves determining what risks and threats the organization faces while doing business in hot spots around the world and determining the relative importance of these risks.

We research, monitor and advise on a broad range of risks and threats as they relate to specific businesses: international relations, regional conflicts, political risks and terrorist threats… Our assessments evaluate the probability and potential consequences of different events or situations, allowing policy-makers to have the information needed to make pertinent decisions.

Our experts and analysts assisted by a professional team generate studies, analysis and reports that deal with Militant Islam (Political Islam and Islamic Armed Militancy.  Our work covers a wide range of subjects such as: 

  • The making of home-grown terrorism.

  • Jihad franchising: The phenomenon of local autonomous cells.

  • The rise of political Islam in several Middle East countries (Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Hamas in the Palestinian Territories, Justice and Development party in Turkey, etc.).

  • The dynamics between Islamic political parties / groups and other political actors: governments, parties, NGOs, etc. (Participating in elections, their ideological backgrounds and political programs, their economical and social platforms, how they deal with global and regional issues such as the presence of US armed forces in Iraq, Sunnite-Shiite resurging war, ...).

  •  Wide range of studies, analysis and reports on Islamic militant organizations / groups / cells that resort to violence as a tactical tool to achieve their strategies. This section encompasses a variety of topics such as: The interaction between Salafist Jihadist organizations / groups / cells, the dynamics of the GSPC joining Al Qaeda, the rise of the Salafist Jihadist phenomenon in Lebanon , ...).

  •  New trends of international terrorism.

  • The role of "Cyber-Jihad" (internet).

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