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Saudi Arabia Threat Assessment
By Middle East Observatory
Jan 2, 2010 - 12:21:20 PM

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In 2004, a serious of Jihadists attacks and killings of Western contractors in Saudi Arabia. In the light of these attacks that shook the stability of Saudi Arabia and the exodus of foreign workers, the Saudi authorities moved aggressively to eliminate the threat from the militant organizations. It took the Saudi government more than 3 years, and a general mobilization of the tribal, religious and military factions to regain the upper hand by killing key jihadist figures, arresting others and dismantling several cells across the country. In order to ease the pressure from its clamp on the Jihadists, the Saudi government introduced several reforms at the governmental, social and religious levels. Recent activities in and around the kingdom strongly suggest that the threat is becoming significant, increasingly active and focused against foreign and domestic targets.

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