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MEO monitors major terrorist threats around the world. Based on this continuous monitoring, MEO provides clients with timely analysis and specific assessment. This resource is valuable to risk management personnel and individuals interested in understanding how terrorism affects all aspect of our lives.

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Karachi Threat Assesment - May 16, 2010 - 8:18:42 AM

Where Islamist Jihadist Organisations Thrive
Militants have thrown up a serious challenge to the authority of the Pakistani Federal Government in every province in the country. Sindh province and Karachi city in particular are no different. Bombs, arrests, kidnappings and link to regional and International terrorism had been reported in Karachi in the past two month. David Coleman Headley confessions to the FBI, reveals that the Pakistani government remains keen to allow favored segments of the Islamist terror infrastructure to grow. Karachi was fast becoming a terror coordination centre, where banned militant groups routinely dispatch their cadets.

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Saudi Arabia Threat Assessment - Jan 2, 2010 - 12:21:20 PM

In 2004, a serious of Jihadists attacks and killings of Western contractors in Saudi Arabia. In the light of these attacks that shook the stability of Saudi Arabia and the exodus of foreign workers, the Saudi authorities moved aggressively to eliminate the threat from the militant organizations. It took the Saudi government more than 3 years, and a general mobilization of the tribal, religious and military factions to regain the upper hand by killing key jihadist figures, arresting others and dismantling several cells across the country. In order to ease the pressure from its clamp on the Jihadists, the Saudi government introduced several reforms at the governmental, social and religious levels.  Recent activities in and around the kingdom strongly suggest that the threat is becoming significant, increasingly active and focused against foreign and domestic targets.

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Samples of Old Reports - Mar 23, 2008 - 3:53:19 PM

The following is an example of old reports and Analysis done by the MIddle East Observatory:

  • Italy & Islam - Immigration & Integration (Grand Mosque) - 10/11/05
  • Islamist Fundamentalists vs Italian Pantomime Troop - 10/11/05
  • Al Qaeda vs Italy - Seif al Adl - 11/04/05
  • Jordan - Al Qaeda & Ghazwat Amman (Analysis) - 11/10/05
  • Tripoli, Lebanon and the support to Iraq Resistance - 11/15/05
  • Al Qaeda Asymmetric Warfare doctrine - 1/12/06
  • Report: Younis Tsouli, alias Irhabi007 (i.e. Terrorist 007) - 3/09/06
  • Synthesis of the book Ayman al Zawahiri as I knew him - 03/30/05
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