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Background : What we do Last Updated: Sep 22, 2011 - 9:27:48 AM

The MEO prevails with versatility which proves to be an essential tool in approaching the Middle East with all of its complexity. The services of the MEO are characterized by the following points:

The database of which the constitution, follow-up, and continuous update gives access to relevant information which makes possible to vigilantly keep an eye, on this perpetually moving landscape.

Treatment and use of the aforementioned database within the framework of objective analysis, prospecting the topicality, returning to authentic sources, and going beyond instantaneous events to propose a possible future outcome.

This analytical, multi-field, multidirectional, general-purpose, multi-field approach gives the following objectives:

- Evaluate a terrorist threat: analyze a speech given in context returning to the sources (religious and historical), anticipate of possibilities.

- Follow a situation or internal event of a given country.

- Prospect the evolution of a regional development after having seized its dynamics (between official and/or nonofficial players).

Within the framework of widened and thorough analysis no instructive element is left on side, regardless of the field which it concerns: religious, political, security, economic, social, cultural, military, etc.

Further the MEO provides a whole panoply of processes which are at the base of the products and services it places at the disposal of its clients:

- Monitoring

  • Media
    - Newspapers and periodicals
    - News Agencies
    - Web Sites and Forums
    - Radio Stations
    - TV Channels 
         * Local or Satellite
         * Generic or Targeted
  • Publications
    - Books
    - Specialized Magazines
    - Reports and Studies
    - Religious Edicts (Fatawa(s))

- Analysis: (Periodic / Specific / On Demand)

  • Reports and Studies related to "countries cases"
     - Geopolitical Approaches and Political Studies
     - Local Variants of a Regional Topic
         * Progress of Democracy
         * Human Rights Condition
         * Degree and Nature of The Political Sophistication
         * Dynamics of The Interaction of The Large Currents
                Ideological / Political
         * Dynamics of The Partisan's Formation
         * Dynamics of The Civil Society  
- Islam / Political Islam / Militant Islam
  • <<Ta'seel>>: Return to The Religious Sources of Which The Quran, The Hadith and the Sunna, Exegesis and Jurisprudence;
  • Politicization of The Sacred and The Sacralization of Politics: Visions, Plans, Speeches and actions;
  • Application and/or Dramatization: Sphere of Influence, Speeches, Structures, Actions, etc.   
Consequently, such rigor interest of precision in collecting, treating and disseminating information, is a pledge of exactitude, relevance and effectiveness for a clear long term vision.

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